Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Franchise Opportunities with 1300TOWING Australia Pty Ltd

Franchise Opportunities with 1300TOWING Australia Pty Ltd.
"Our Name is Our Number" A word phone number.

Why Phone Words work:

Phone words are proven to increase advertising effectiveness by up to 300% so it's no surprise top advertisers now use them.
1300TOWING provides you with this tool to protect and grow your business. It is impossible for anyone to copy or have a similar business name without also advertising and promoting your business.

For companies wanting to become part of the 1300 TOWING Group:

What's in it for you?
  • You get exclusive rights to the 1300TOWING word phone number, in your area.
  • The area is controlled by existing telecommunication technology.
  • You become part of a National Group with national recognition.
  • As branding and recognition of 1300TOWING develops the value of the initial investment grows.
  • As a group you will have greater buying power and lobbying power.
  • You will have access to the members section of this web site. This will allow you to job share with other members. You will be able to list vehicles and machinery for sale and wanted. Damaged vehicles can be listed for insurance companies to sell on site plus commission.
  • You will have a new business name registered in your name i.e. "(Your location) 1300TOWING"
  • The 'word phone number' (1300TOWING) is attached to your new business name, so the more you promote 1300TOWING in your area the more valuable it becomes when it comes time to sell up and move on. This 'word phone' number (1300TOWING) does work.
What does it cost?
 We look after and set up all the tools you need to become a successful business.
  • Business registration fee (government charge differs state to state)
  • You will be billed each month for incoming calls
  • Signage and business stationary (conforming to 1300TOWING Style Guide)
  • Uniforms (conforming to the 1300TOWING Style Guide)
  • A percentage of advertising costs in your area, ie TV, radio, Yellow pages print.
  • Local business listing in Yellow on Line.
  • Your own business page on the National Web and site maintenance fee.
  • Your own web site as part of the group.
Please contact Head Office on 1800TOWING for full information and details.